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Green Houses/Gardens/Events

The garden’s carefully landscaped grounds are packed with small surprises: a Japanese shrine, a path lined with tiny bonsai trees, a tree full of birdhouses, a flowerbed decorated with teapots. A “native Hawaiian garden” features “canoe plants” that arrived with the island’s first human inhabitants; silver-and-gold carp browse a water garden near the restaurant’s outdoor tables. Our unique “cathedral of trees”, a rectangle of majestic evergreens about the size and shape of a country church, is the perfect spot for a wedding, or for just a few moments of reverent solitude. One of a number of income streams that hasn’t been developed yet could be a guided botanical tour of the garden’s collection of native Hawaiian plant species. Two greenhouses have been remodeled to house a gallery extension, dining and reception spaces and a pottery studio.


Welcoming Front Entrance

Volcano Garden Arts has become a social hub for both the Volcano community and the local arts community. We’ve hosted fundraisers, craft festivals, artist’s receptions, book signings, poetry readings, and other community events. In turn, people who come to those events often come back to buy art they’ve noticed in our gallery or to dine the Café Ono cuisine they first sampled at an event we catered. It’s mutually complimentary; we support the local community, and the community continues to support us.

Greenhouse pointsettias.JPG

Greenhouse Number Two

Outdoor Garden Seating

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